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informatics is known for regional leadership in IT & English education, and the informatics Software Development faculty is composed of men and women who are loking for world-class experience. Faculty members are passionate and curious individuals who continue their own research while teaching at informatics.

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Almost all informatics courses are designed, taught and overseen by informatics software development faculty, and virtually all FAS faculty are required to teach as part of their duties. The faculty is highly accessible, and informatics class sizes are on average below 20, with over half the courses being offered each semester enrolling 10 or fewer students. This allows for a closer student-professor relationship and contributes to the sense of community on campus. Professors also make themselves available to students outside of the classroom, even beyond office hours, such as meeting in the dining hall or before or after class. The faculty at informatics make a point of connecting with their students to create a fulfilling academic experience. Learn more about the informatics commitment to student Development and Diversity.


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For who're Looking for a Special area of IT we maintain the same rigourous standards set forth by....

Raveena Nashali

Cert-CAB University of Colombo

informatics is a place where I really appreciate,and it is a best decision took in my life choosing informatics as my helper for making it a success in my IT world.I must say that it is a place where I could find best friends in my lifetime,as well I could stand by my own foot coz' of this marvellous institute.Finally,I must be thankful for all these things...

Nadun Anjana

Cisco Student

informatics is a wonderful place, Where there I really matured in my ability to relate to others in an adult way. Looking back at the years I spent there, I am so thankful that the Lord allowed me to go to informatics. Yes, there are rules, and while I did not always like them, I knew that they were for my benefit. informatics provided an exceptional educational experience.


Cert-CAB University of Colombo

informatics has helped me in many ways with my career. The education I received greatly helps me with me career today. The rules at informatics have surprisingly helped me also. At informatics, they require immediate obedience and for you to do your absolute best.


Microsoft Student

You will get a solid, well-rounded, informatics education. They are strong academically and spiritually. You will not go wrong attending informatics...