3D max certification

  • You will learn how to make use of 3Ds Max’s configurable user-interface.
  • Get efficient 2D/3D data exchange.
  • Learn on how to use containers for override object properties.
  • Enable choosing from different compositing options in 3Ds Max.
  • Successful completion of certification will validate your skills, fulfill all the industry and academic requirements, and boost your career.

Course Overview

Autodesk 3ds Max software provides a comprehensive 3D modeling, animation, rendering, and compositing solutions for different industries. The software 3d Max from Autodesk is considered as engineering and entertainment design tool and is used by professionals in video games, product designing, film, and motion graphics industry.


The course will enable students with the skills of using 3D Studio Max in the design process. It will also provide sufficient skills in designing & production and with the exposure needed to use 3D workspace, explore tools in camera, organizing scenes & objects and lighting. Therefore, the course intends to provide complete hands on experience with the software interface and learn various functions. Texture Mapping, Shading and Material Design, Surface Modeling, Vector Map Support.

Who Should be Aiming for the Course?

Candidates who are interested in 3D designing or those who are willing to develop their career in gaming and animation industry. Students and working professionals in the field of Architecture, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Interior Designing can find the course of extreme advantage .


The course will take you from basic to intermediate skill-set covering the following topics:
  • Introduction to 3ds Max
  • Modeling & Editing
  • Modifiers
  • 2D Shapes
  • Compound Object
  • AEC Objects
  • File Import & Export
  • Materials
  • Standard Lights, Photometric Lights
  • Environment Effects
  • Cameras
  • Rendering
  • Final Project
  • Duration & Fees

    Duration :

    Full Time:

    4 Months (Classes held during weekdays)

    Part Time:

    6 Months (Classes held during weekends)

    Course Fee :



    Rs.12,000 + (Rs.6000 x 3)

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